Powder Catski Italy  is the first and only Catski location in Europe of it’s kind. Come join us for exclusive ski experiences taken to the top of the alps in beautiful Italy with a maximum of 12 skiers in total. Imagine a ratio of 12 skiers : one mountain.

A snowcat is a caterpillar tracked vehicle which is used in ski resorts to maintain the pistes.

We use it to take you to places that are inaccessible by chairlift or ski lift to where you can enjoy awesome off-piste skiing and snowboarding. Catskiing was pioneered in the 1970s in Canada.  Powder Catski Italy is the first in Europe to offer you the opportunity to enjoy this rewarding activity in the quiet beauty of the Italian Alps.

Why not use a helecopter?

Some of the best powder days are bad weather days when helicopters cannot operate. Our snowcats will take you to the top of the mountain regardless of weather conditions. While the heliskiers are sitting in the bar scowling at the low cloud, you will be flying down the mountain with a grin on your face.
A snowcat costs less to run than a helicopter and is more environmentally friendly, while you pay less, even the planet benefits.

Special Guest Review

I have skied all over the globe, dropping from helicopters and hiking miles to get some fresh powder – nothing compares to Snow Catting with Frank and his team. Their knowledge of the mountain is unparalleled and their love for snow sports is amazing, such fun. – Lindsey Vonn

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